Finding the Perfect Wellness Retreat

By Sabriya Dobbins, Project Passport Founder

You take your mental and physical wellness seriously and now you want to attend a retreat. There are hundreds of wellness retreats to choose from ranging from yoga, chakra, physical fitness and so many more. The problem is, there are a ton to choose from. So how do you know which retreat is right for you. We are going to explore the different concepts of wellness retreats to help you in the decision-making process.



First, you must determine where you want to travel to get to this retreat. Are you looking at staying in your home state? Are you willing to travel within your country? Maybe you are wanting to go big and take a retreat to an international location. This is the most important decision because it will determine your retreat choices. If you stay locally, you will most likely end up at a retreat facility where you stay for a day or two. If you travel internationally, you are probably better off staying at least 4 days to get the full treatment experience.



You can retreat in a completely solo manner by attending a silent retreat where you will spend time with you and only you. Do you prefer a smaller retreat? Something more tight knit and personal that is in the boutique nature. Or you may want to attend a larger retreat so you can feel as though you are part of something bigger than yourself. There is no right size retreat and there is no one size fits all You just have to make sure it is something you can be comfortable with.


Type of Retreat

What are you looking to improve in your life? Are you searching for spiritual balance? You may be absolutely in an overwhelming place in life looking to regroup. You could be looking to improve your eating habits. It does not matter as long as you know what you are trying to gain. Make sure that you specifically look up the type of retreat that you hope to attend. For example, you could type in: “new couples retreats” or “Mental wellness retreats.” Be specific about what you are looking to gain.


The most important aspect of planning to attend a retreat is the financial cost. You have to make sure you attend a retreat that is within budget. Often times, the higher end the retreat, the more inclusions hence, the higher the cost. Are you willing to budget some things yourself like food? Do you have to include spa services? Are you looking to attend a retreat with an expensive speciality? Decide what your priorities and deal breakers are so that you can secure a retreat that checks all or at least most of the boxes.


Not really sure where to start with a retreat? Consider booking a mental wellness retreat with Project Passport where we focus on personal growth, community and reflection through each of our themed experiences. Our first retreat are scheduled to take place in Banner Elk, Kenya, and Greece.


Project Passport is a mental wellness travel retreat company created to help people connect with one another and gain the tools to improve their lives in the best way possible. Each travel experience has a unique theme tied to the destination and overall goal of the retreat. We are making mental wellness the norm, one retreat at a time. Learn more at