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Project Passport®

Regain control of your life and future with a dynamic dose of bravery.

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100% of people are affected by mental health. If you don’t maintain your well-being, you are missing out on your potential.

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Find harmony in the chaos of life.

With a themed Project Passport retreat, you will:

  • Join a community of people looking evolve and connect.

  • Participate in unique, dynamic activities and exercises that provide you specific tools to improve your life focus and direction.

  • Reflect to gain social awareness and self-understanding.

  • Improve your overall mental health.

Below, meet your Life Discovery Expert and retreat leader, Sabriya. Ready to chase life full force? You cannot afford to wait any longer.

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Why Do You Need a Wellness Retreat?

Project Passport is the perfect thing that is needed to fill in the mental health gap in the general, holistic wellness sense. I am so excited to see where it goes!”
— Camille Dukes Hester, LCSWA and Triage Therapeutic Specialist
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Want to go on a wellness retreat?

Booking your retreat is easy:

  1. Select a themed retreat.

  2. After booking, stay connected and updated with the PP community.

  3. Experience an inspirational retreat!


Read more on the process here:

Features and Reviews

 What are people saying about Project Passport?

After attending a local one-day event hosted by us, TransformHER, here’s what they said!

“That was the best event I have ever been to. It was so empowering and I needed that today.”


“My favorite part was the authentication of the panel which made the environment a safe place to be yourself and the activity which allowed you to mingle and make new friends at the table.”


“The activities really allowed me to find peace within.”


We’re making waves in the wellness travel movement! As featured on…