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Our Story, and yours


Life. Can. Suck. Hear me out…

For one too many years, I lived in fear and anxiety. I had no place to be my best self. I had experienced loss, rejection, and loneliness like no other. If life was a test, I failed. Stress and burnout was my friend and depression was my front seat driver. Life was breaking me. Is it breaking you?

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“Where is the hope? The direction? Someone STOP the bleeding please!”

Those were the thoughts rattling through my head those days I did not want to leave the bed. Those were the thoughts ringing through my head when I launched Project Passport. Are you asking for the same thing too right now?


But you know what I realized?

No one could stop the bleeding but me. I had to make the decision. I had to be—brave and take action. There are so many of us battling fear, sadness, lack of self confidence, the feeling of being overwhelmed, burnout…the list goes on. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Now you can take control.

It is difficult to find a way to grow, overcome and become a better person in the midst of everything. But…pause.

One thing is for sure, your mental wellness is everything. Do something crazy and outside of the box. Experience a mental wellness retreat with us, with me!

-Sabriya Dobbins, Founder of Project Passport & Your Life Discovery Expert

How are we going to take care of you?

1.You are going to be in the front seat. We lead with empathy. You are the expert of your own life; we are just here to provide you with the tools to help you manage it through each retreat.

2. We thrive in support. Every step of the way, you are going to feel supported in this experience. Through pre-travel webinars, resources provided before, during and after retreats, and 24 hour retreat guidance, you are set.

3. Inspiration is our guide to you. You already have everything you need inside. We are not here to change you. We are here to help you be bold and powerful in managing the scary parts of life.


Our Mission, Our Goal

  Project Passport aims to foster safe, organized and reflective wellness travel retreats and events for people to unite and participate in opportunities that normalize mental wellness, produce personal growth, lifelong connections, a space for belonging, and deeper cross-cultural appreciation.

Meet Our Growing Team

“Dedication to making the lives of others more beautiful is the most inspiring gift of all.”


Sabriya Dobbins, Founder & CEO, Life Discovery Expert

Learn more about Sabriya +

Sabriya graduated from North Carolina State University with dual Bachelor’s degrees in Animal Science and Social Work. She has traveled to 10+ countries and counting. Dobbins created Project Passport with the dream of providing a less superficial travel experience that focuses more on the travelers and their well-being. In addition, with a background in Social Work, she hopes to help travelers become more aware of the social and environmental issues in the world around them. Her goal is to help individuals reach their greater capacities and to push them to pursue their goals and aspirations through unique travel retreats. She looks forward to showing you the world, one retreat at time. Check out her feature on CEO Blognation. #TravelDifferent #TravelBold

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Read her full story here.

Listen to her speak here.

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Hannah Whitesides

Business Development Partner, Travel Expert & Retreat Leader

Learn more about Hannah +

Hannah is a senior at North Carolina State University and she will be graduating in December with a BA in International Studies with a concentration in European Studies. During the spring semester of 2018, she studied abroad in Florence, Italy at Lorenzo de Medici Institute. During this experience of a lifetime she was able to travel all over Europe. Her travels also include destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. Hannah has gained a deep passion for traveling because it has shaped her into an independent, confident, and open-minded woman.

Check out her Project Passport blog, Endless Expeditions.

Direct contact:

Henry Whitesides- ProjectPassport

Henry Whitesides

Literary Content & Travel Retreat Specialist

Learn more about Henry +

Henry graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with dual Bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and German and earned a Master’s degree in Linguistic Studies at Syracuse University. A nomad at heart, he has lived in Germany for a year as a foreign exchange student, in China for a year as an English teacher, and in Israel for three months as a student and traveler. His adventures have taken him to twenty-seven different countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. His lifelong passion for language has compelled him to learn German, Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, and Wenzhounese. Henry’s insatiable wanderlust is propelled by his ambition for understanding the universal ways in which vastly diverse cultures share the same human experience.

Orlando Aguilar-Project-Passport.jpg

Orlando Aguilar

Digital Media Manager & Project Passport Ambassador

Learn more about Orlando +

Orlando is a digital native and can be described as unconventional. After 3 years of being apart of a Dual Enrollment Program at Greene Early College, he took the opportunity to focus on graduating his senior year as a Mid-Year Grad with 24 college credits. Then after, Orlando majored in Digital Marketing at Fremont College in their Online Program and actively learns at the Entrepreneurship Academy of Wilson Community College. He holds a CPD Certified Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing from Shaw Academy. Orlando has interned with small businesses in his area to execute real digital marketing campaigns. Orlando enjoys serving others and providing value. He possesses passions for music, travel, mental health and environmental health. He has touched down in Charlotte, West Palm, Daytona, Boston, Houston and even parts of Mexico!


Diego Rivera

Project Passport Ambassador

Learn more about Diego +

Diego is a Colombian native who holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Campbell University. His fluency in English and Spanish allows him to relate with and engage others to provide exceptional customer service. His passion for marketing drives him to seek out the latest trends, opportunities, competitive advantages and new ways to connect with people. He keeps his “Mojo” alive by traveling and exploring new places around the world ranging from the Caribbean to Europe such as Spain, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, and Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. He firmly believes that you only live once, so live it and travel!

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