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Nairobi, Rift Valley, & Naivasha, Kenya

Open to all

African safaris, friendly faces, and new places is what this breathtaking experience will bring. It is time to look back at the roots of mankind and to take in the vibrant history. We will be traveling around the African continent to hit major must-do attractions! This retreat will focus on understanding one’s self and who you really are inside, your core. Open brochure

Dates: July 23-August 1, 2020

10 days, 9 nights

Booking for this retreat closes April 2020

Limited spots remain

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Athens, Mykonos, & Santorini, Greece

Designated for couples only.

Greece is more than just stories of Zeus and Athena; it is home to rich customs and immense beauty. Enjoy romantic moments with your partner and share stories with other partners. This experience will involve activities and discussions on the concepts of commitment, non-negotiables, partnership roles, conflict management and more!

Dates: October 5-12, 2020

8 days, 7 nights

13 couple limit

Booking for this retreat closes July 2020.

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Rome, Italy

Designated for seeking singles only. Additional restrictions apply.

When in Rome…you meet the man/or woman of your dreams. The goal is for you to meet someone great! This retreat is divided into 4 sections: Understanding Singleness, Appreciating and Explore Self, Creating Partnership, and Matching. Pre-travel surveys will be critical and more detailed for this experience. Learn more when the itinerary is released!

Projected Dates*: Early Spring 2021

Itinerary not available yet


Cairo, Egypt

Designated for Women Only

Egypt is downright mystical with such unique architecture and secrets hidden within. This retreat is going to be the ultimate bonding experience for women who want to expand their connections and friendships. You will leave this experience full of knowledge, cultural understanding, and sisterhood.

Projected Dates*: Early Fall 2021

Itinerary not available yet

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Open to all

A city full of massive skyscrapers and vibrant life. Get ready to explore beautiful Dubai with a taste of luxury and exhilarating tour opportunities. This retreat will focus on the concept of growth and investing into yourself emotionally, financially, and physically. Overall, we refer to this as the concept of “Emotional Wealth.”

Projected Dates*: November 2021

Itinerary not available yet


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