Frequently Asked Questions



Who leads the wellness travel retreats with Project Passport? +

Sabriya Dobbins, the Founder of Project Passport, leads all of your travel experiences. Hannah Whitesides, another one of our retreat leaders, will be co-leading Kenya and Banner Elk. Sabriya and Hannah ensure everything is organized and they make sure accommodations along with activities are in place each day. Learn more about Sabriya and Hannah here.

I have never been abroad before. Is Project Passport for me? +

This is exactly why Project Passport would be perfect for you! What better way to step into your first time abroad than with a community of novice, moderate, or experienced travelers all looking to connect and have a great time?! You also have Sabriya, your trip facilitator and a frequent traveler, who is happy to support you every step of the way. You are not in this alone.

Are any of your travel retreats domestic (in the U.S.)? +

Yes! We will be hosting a few domestic trips each year. They will be epic! Check out our upcoming one in the mountains of Banner Elk, NC.

What is a "wellness retreat"? +

The word "retreat" means a place of refuge. Wellness refers to your overall physical and mental health. Our retreats provide you a place of refuge in the way of a supportive travel group. We are looking to pull you from the hustle and bustle of your daily life responsibilities and give you a chance to regroup in a fun, challenging and exciting way.

How do the travel retreat themes work? +

This is the best part! Each retreat around the world or domestically has a theme. These themes all stem from a personal growth area in your life. Many of the activities and reflection conversations will tie into the overall retreat theme.

How long are the retreats on average? +

Our retreats are usually between 4-12 days. We try to keep them full of excitement and activities but not too long to keep you away from your lives at home.

Can I extend my stay? +

Sure! We can help you make that happen. However, when the Project Passport experience is over, please note that staff will no longer be at the location.

Do I need vaccinations to travel? If so, which ones? +

You will receive a list of recommended vaccines for your specified location after booking. You can also check the Center for Disease Protection website for more information.

What about safety and travel bans? +

Safety is our number one focus. We will be watching for any crime, unrest, dangerous weather conditions or travel bans for all travel destinations. We also suggest you register for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Plan (STEP) developed by the U.S. Consulate. All retreat leaders will be up-to-date on CPR and First Aid training.

Do I need a visa? +

We will usually not be staying at any destination long enough to require a visa. However, in the event a visa is required, you will be notified prior to booking. You are responsible for obtaining your own visa (unless otherwise indicated) but we are happy to assist you in the process.

Am I traveling with a counselor? +

Legally, counselors can only practice in the home state they are licensed in. However, people with counseling, mental health, and life coaching backgrounds are to assist in the development of the actual retreat activities and exercises. You will not travel with a practicing counselor.



What is included in the total price? +

Each package includes accommodations, meals (number varies), activities, transports to activities, and excursions along with a Project Passport apparel kit. Kit includes select items from Project Passport merchandise relative to destination.

In some occasions, flights are included. Please view individual itineraries to confirm.

Will prices change? +

As we approach the travel dates, booking prices will increase to reflect market rates. Prices also may increase due to accomodation upgrades selected by Project Passport LLC. If you have already booked an experience, your existing reservation will not be impacted by price changes. Please contact us for further questions.

How are accommodations chosen? +

You are not going to stay somewhere crappy! We are not going to let you stay somewhere we would not stay. Our experiences all include luxury accomodations. We aim for 4-5 star resorts and hotels in mainstream, tourist areas that are found to be safest. We also may rent a high end property with multiple rooms for some locations. Sometimes, you may stay in less “touristy” areas however they will be vetted for safety through partner communications and company assessment. The prices reflect these type of accommodations. Note that accommodations will be non-smoking rooms.

I want to travel with friends or a partner. Can we book together? +

That is exciting! If you are selecting a non-couples designated trip, you will each have to book that same trip separately so that you can each make your own respective payments. However, please email us at and let us know. We will be sure to room you together!

Couples retreats have special booking guidelines.

Do you offer private booking opportunities? +

We have temporarily closed the private booking option so that we can focus on our current retreats! We will be reopening this option down the line.

Do I book my own flight and how soon should I book it? +

For most retreats, you will book your own flight and suggested flight times will be provided in your paperwork upon registering for your trip. We highly recommend that you have your flight booked at least 3 months in advance. You will have to email us the flight details least 30 days prior to travel. In some cases, we will include flights for cost efficiency benefits for travelers.

How many spots are on each travel retreat? +

Retreats vary in slots and we aim to keep them large enough to be exciting but manageable. Spot number ranges from 8-32 people per retreat. The smaller ones tend to be domestic while the international ones tend to be larger.

What if spots fill up? +

The retreats will close at 150 days until travel (unless otherwise stated). If the spots are full prior to travel, you have the option to join the standby list. Please contact us to be put on the standby list. We will alert you immediately if last minute cancellations occur.

When do retreat spots close? +

Retreat spots close at 150 days until travel (unless otherwise stated) or if the retreat is fully booked. You do not want to miss out so if you are on the fence, contact us.


Deposits and Payments

Are deposits refundable? What is the policy? +

Deposits are refundable up to 3 days from booking. After that 3rd day, the deposit is no longer refundable. If you booked at 150 days until travel (or less, if approved) you will not receive a refund on the deposit. Please email for refunds, call us at 919-371-8127 or refer to the Terms and Conditions.

When does the retreat have to be paid in full? +

Full payments are due prior to 120 days before travel. There are no exceptions to this policy because many of your reservations have been made in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I pay the retreat in full up front?+

Yes. That is one less thing on your list if you pay up front. If you cancel within 3 days, you will receive a full refund. However, if you booked at 150 days (or less, if approved) until travel, no deposit refund will be issued.

How does the payment plan work? +

Up front you will owe a deposit amount of 20% of the total trip. You will have the option to pay the rest in full or make two additional payments. The two payments will be the remaining trip balance split in half. The first payment is due prior to 150 days before travel; you will receive a 10 day grace period and subsequent trip cancellation with no deposit refund if Payment 1 is not paid on time.

For example, if the trip is $1,000, your deposit is $200 and your remaining balance is $800 (2 -$400 payments), $400 (payment 1) must be paid prior by 150 days before travel. The final payment must be made before 120 days prior to travel. Please be aware that full payments are due by 120 days prior to travel. Failure to do so results in cancellation and no deposit refund.

Learn more about the payment plan.

How do I make my additional payments besides the initial deposit? +

You will go to the Make a Payment (found under the "Retreat Info") page. You will select “Make a Payment” for your retreat. You will select whether you are making a full payment of the remaining amount, Payment 1 or Payment 2. Please contact us with any questions.

What if I need more time to pay? +

Payment plans are the best way to start. The final payment at 120 days policy is set due to the timely matter of reservations. Our biggest suggestion is to borrow from friends or family or you can take out an interest-free credit card to buy you more time. You can use this to pay for your trip in time and pay the balance off in the future. We cannot extend payment due dates.

Should I make an account? +

Yes! We highly recommend you open an account on the website so that you can track all of your payments.

What type of travel documents will I need or receive?+

Learn morea about all traveler documents on this page.


Cancellations and Insurance

What if I have to cancel my retreat? +

If you cancel your retreat, it must be within 3 days of booking if you want a full refund on all payments made, even the deposit. If you cancel prior to 120 days of travel, you will be refunded any additional payments made but not your deposit. If you cancel 120 days or less until travel, you will not be able to receive a refund on any portion of the retreat. You may have someone travel in your place if you cannot attend but please email us at and let us know immediately so we can assist you. Many of your reservations have been made. Thank you for your understanding.

What if the retreat is cancelled by Project Passport? +

In the unlikely event we cancel your retreat, no worries. All payments will be refunded promptly to travelers.

Do you provide travel insurance? +

We do not provide travel and/or flight insurance however it is up to you to decide. You can purchase your own travel health insurance or booking insurance.

We have two preferred providers at this time. Our first partner provider is LMJ Heritage with Layla Blue. She will provide you with all of the support needed in purchasing travel insurance. Our second provider option is Allianz Travel. They provide several travel insurance options as well.



When will my Project Passport retreat included merch ship? +

Your products will ship around 90 days prior to travel. Shipping time usually takes 7-14 days depending on your location. Please see the Store Policies page for more information.

I need my merch ASAP! What should I do? +

No worries, you can select faster shipping speeds to receive your gear sooner. If you ordered additional merch close to a travel date and you are traveling, you can receive it physically from Project Passport staff at the destination. Please email us at

What if I ordered extra products or just ordered products alone? What are the refund policies? +

Please see the Store Policies page.