Project Passport’s

Rules and Guidelines

We have set forth rules and guidelines to ensure that every traveler feels safe and receives the utmost respect throughout the duration of their Project Passport retreat.


Rule 1

All participants must be at least 21 years of age (unless special approval is obtained through company). Alcoholic beverages are optional on Project Passport trips however no overconsumption is permitted. If a person is belligerent or behaving in an unsafe manner, they may be asked to return home at their own expense.

Rule 2

Travelers are to refrain from obscene, racist, discriminatory or rude language, gestures and/or actions towards other travelers. If this is violated, your trip will be cancelled immediately.

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Rule 3

Project Passport asks that you review all waivers, contracts, and documents provided carefully. This is your responsibility to review and remained informed upon. Our terms and conditions apply to every retreat purchase even before signing. Please contact us for questions or visit our FAQ.

Rule 4

Project Passport believes in safe spaces. These retreats can get deep and that is okay. That is part of what it takes to connect with someone. We ask that you respect the privacy and opinions of all travelers during conversations. We take this seriously and we will ensure you receive the same treatment.