Kenya Wellness Retreat

Booking for this retreat closes March 2020

Some days have full meal coverage. Please see details in itinerary below.

Some days have full meal coverage. Please see details in itinerary below.


What you hold sacred to your core defines a lot about who you are. Is it a partner, cultural values, religious beliefs? Whatever it is, it shapes how you function in the world every single day. We will explore this deeper in the beautiful Kenya where the values and cultures of the people run deep as the depths of the oceans. The animals, the landscapes, the life is nothing short from incredible and this experience will forever remain etched in your heart. View the brochure

Pricing: $1,750 per person (single room option not available, flights not included)*

Pricing increase of $175 will take place November 1 so lock in your price today!

Deposit: $350 per traveler (20% of retreat cost)

Travel Dates: July 23-August 1, 2020 (7 true hotel stay nights as 2 nights are part of travel time).

Travel Locations: Nairobi, Rift Valley, & Naivasha

Led by: Sabriya Dobbins and Hannah Whitesides

For existing reservations:



Travel Experience Theme: “Who Are You”

Diving into one’s inner self is the absolute key to unlocking the potential within. Many people do not even truly understand their strengths or how to utilize them; they even question if they have strengths period. They do not know what makes them tick. They are not even sure how much control they have over their own life. Be honest for a moment. Is that person you? You are not alone by any means.

Throughout this retreat, Project Passport will be exploring the concepts of Self-Motivation, Sense of Self, and Emotional Intelligence. The only thing in the world that you can have complete control over is yourself and how you react to the situations around you. Let’s dig deep with open hearts, open spirits, and open minds.

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Days 1 & 2

On day 1, air travel time will take place to Nairobi, Kenya. This airtime will spill over into day 2. Arrival airport is Jomo Kenyatta International and arrival time should be no later than 12:30 PM local time.

Upon official arrival on day 2 (July 24)*, we will take a bus together from the airport to Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha, Kenya where we will stay in a beautiful lodge to relax and unwind. Best known for its volcanic scenery, Hell’s Gate serves as a true place of serenity and reflection.

Kenya itinerary-Project Passport.jpg

Day 3

Our first Safari takes place on day 3! Full of wildlife ranging from leopards, lions, buffaloes and many more, we will explore the intricately breathtaking Hell’s Gate national park. There are hundreds of bird species and several rare animal species for you to observe and appreciate. We also explore obsidian caves along with mystical springs and geysers. The end of the day will result in a group reflection dinner with a key social, environmental topic discussion.

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Day 4

On day 4, we will take a bus to Nairobi and spend the day getting settled in and just experiencing the city. A self exploration exercise will take place during the late afternoon. We will enjoy lunch in the city along with another group reflection dinner later that day. We will remain in Nairobi for the following 2 days.

Kenya itinerary-Project Passport.jpg

Days 5 & 6

Day 5 will primarily be spent as a free day in Nairobi. That morning, travelers will participate in a cultural connective exercise. A list of Nairobi’s most famous activities will be provided to all travelers. Options include visiting elephant orphanages, the Karen Blixen museum, and many others. As most of the activities are affordable in Kenya, travelers can break off in small groups to experience the country.

On day 6, beginning in the morning, we will explore Nairobi National Park throughout the day. The late afternoon will be free for all travelers to do as they please. That evening, we will attend a cultural performance at the Bomas of Kenya.

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Day 7

In the morning, after a quick breakfast, we depart from Nairobi for a group safari to Amboseli National Park in Rift Valley, Kenya. We will have an excellent view of Mount Kilimanjaro while exploring the home of Kenya’s largest elephant herds and observing the many animal species that occupy this region.

Through the Observation Hill, we will get to see the parks and swamps in expansive views. We will also meet the Maasai people and learn about their indigenous lifestyle. Dinner will be held as a group. We will remain in a luxury lodge in Rift Valley Kenya.

*all meals included with accommodations

Kenya itinerary-Project Passport.jpg

Day 8

Day 8 will be an absolute rest day where we will have exercises and activities focused on our travel retreat theme. Dinner will be held as a group but all other meals are the decision of each individual traveler.

*all meals included with accommodations

Kenya itinerary-Project Passport.jpg

Days 9 & 10

In the morning of day 9, we will bus back to the Nairobi airport. Everyone will catch their respective flights. Travel time will likely spill into day 10. We cannot wait to travel with you again!

FAQ for Kenya Retreat

I paid my deposit or the trip in full. Now what? +

Awesome! You will be receiving a detailed email with the next steps very soon. Please be prepared to read, sign and return the Terms and Conditions document to us.

Do you have booking insurance? What are the cancellation policies? +

We do not offer booking insurance at this time. You may look into an outside company like Allianz Travel to cover your booking insurance needs. Our cancellation policy is detailed in the Terms and Conditions document. You have a 3-day period to cancel your trip to receive a full deposit refund. At the 120 days until travel mark and later, no refunds are provided.

What happens when I get there? +

You will be greeted by your travel retreat leaders, Sabriya Dobbins and Hannah Whitesides, and you will be directed to your room to settle in! We will also discuss expectations in detail during our pre-travel webcam meetings that will take place a few months prior to travel.

Do I need any vaccinations for Kenya? +

In addition to your routine vaccinations (including measles), it is recommended that you receive your Hepatitis A vaccine along with your Typhoid vaccine. Malaria is an optional prevention measure since we will be outdoors. Yellow fever has some risks due to mosquito transmission, so this is an optional vaccine to consider as well. Detailed information will also be provided in your post-booking documents.

How is safety addressed? +

Your lodge will have its own security protocol. We choose higher end accommodations for this reason. In addition, your retreat leaders will be certified in CPR and First Aid for all experiences. You will receive a safety orientation prior to travel as well. You will never be left alone in public spaces by the group unless you do an outside excursion by choice.

Will I have access to phone services and WiFi? +

You can choose to purchase your own WiFi and international phone services from your telephone provider. Some of these services are included in your existing plans. We cannot promise that all accommodations will have free, guaranteed WiFi options but they may have some paid options. Retreat leaders will have emergency WiFi and phone access. You will not be able to use Project Passport WiFi and phone services except for in emergency situations.

Where can I get travel health insurance? +

We have two preferred providers at this time. Our first partner provider is LMJ Heritage with Layla Blue. She will provide you with all of the support needed in purchasing travel insurance. Our second provider option is Allianz Travel. They provide several travel insurance options as well.

Will there be food options for my diet (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc)? +

Yes, the lodge and restaurants chosen will have several diet and allergy-friendly options. In addition, we will ask you about your dietary concerns in our pre-travel survey to be prepared.

Where is our lodge? +

For safety reasons, your accomodations information will be provided to you after booking. Lodges will be higher end (relative to the country's definition) with plenty of amenities. Please contact us for further details.

Will I receive directions on how to book my flight? +

Absolutely! You will receive a detailed email describing all aspects of what to expect on your retreat within 24 hours of booking including general flight information. Please note that travel times are based on travel from the East Coast and to account for time changes. Please be sure to arrive on the indicated day. You can call us anytime at 919-371-8127 for support in the process.

Do you provide flight insurance? +

We do not provide any flight cancellation or delay insurance. You are responsible for getting to the retreat location. You can purchase insurance with your flight company.

*Pricing includes accommodations, some meals and excursions. Flights are to be booked separately. They are not included in the above pricing. Directions on booking your flight time will be provided. All rooms are non-smoking only. Itinerary is subject to some changes. Please note that arrival requirements are based on travel from the East Coast and to account for time changes. We will work with you on booking your flight after you reserve your spot.

**Certain days include full meal coverage with the accommodations, which is great! Prices are subject to change due to market rates, booking costs, and/or accommodation upgrades. This includes pricing listed on any brochure or item.