Greece Couples Wellness Retreat

Booking for this retreat closes July 2020


Building a strong relationship that can withstand the storm is critical. Meeting other couples who also want to grow and maintain strong relationships is even more critical. You need a tribe to support you and your significant other because relationships are not easy! The Project Passport Greece experience will be filled with gorgeous views and specialized sessions to help couples develop their relationships. This is our very first couples retreat!

Pricing: $5,200 per couple (flight not included)

Pricing increase of $150 will take place November 1 so lock in your price today!

Deposit: $1,040 per couple (20% of total retreat cost)

Travel Dates: October 5-12, 2020 (8 days, 7 nights)- note: luxury 5-star hotel stay 6 nights due to flight time

Travel Locations: Athens, Mykonos, & Santorini

Note this retreat has a 13 couple limit.


For existing reservations:


Travel Experience Theme:

“How Together Are We Really?”

  • How well do you understand your partner and yourself in your relationship?

  • What are your non-negotiables and have you discussed the heavy topics?

  • What are your values? What are your partner’s?

  • What does a commitment even mean? Are you on track? Losing balance?

The activities at our Greece Couples Wellness Retreat that we will be hosting are going to be fabulous as we are partnering with relationship/love coaches to help you develop a masterful partnership in all areas.

Also, become part of a family of loving couples who all want to see you win! Gain valuable insight from one another and continue to push the boundaries of society’s way of doing relationships.

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Days 1-3

Oct 5 (air time), Oct. 6-7 (physically in Athens)

Day 1 is travel time. Arrival airport is Athens International Airport.

Spend the next two days in Athens, Greece where you have the opportunity to meet the other couples. All flight arrivals should be in by Oct 6 on Day 2. The entirety of the day 2 will be used to settle in and explore the areas. Our first couples meal will take place.

Day 3, we will explore the city and the walking areas, views, and foods. Visit the famous Acropolis with the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus. That evening, we will hold the first introductory couples event. Hint: We will be testing your partnership knowledge and more!

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Days 4 & 5

On day 4, we travel via ferry to Mykonos, Greece in the morning. Enjoy an exciting cooking class as a couple or join a boat cruise around the island. A unique couples workshop session with our special guests will take place from the late day to evening. Understanding how to build a strong partnership for the long haul will be the focus with several key areas discussed. The evening will consist of separate, private dinners for couples.

Day 5 will begin with an Ancient Delos tour to explore the Temple of Apollo and the Sanctuary of Artemis along with other attractions. The remainder of the day is free for travelers to explore. The amazing beaches may be a place to start. Or book an optional excursion on your own. Dinner will be held as a group with a discussion topic on the table.

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Day 6

We will leave in the early morning via ferry to the beautiful Santorini for the day. Enjoy an optional small group wine tasting. Participate in an exciting couples activity in the city along with more sightseeing! After an early dinner with a social issue discussion topic, return to Athens during the evening.

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Day 7

Day 7, during the morning, visit the Plaka Tavernas and temples. Have a tasty lunch at a local tavern while out and about. Enjoy a group tour to Cape Sounion, where you can find the breathtaking Temple of Poseidon. Couples will have a final group dinner to wind down and reflect on the overall travel experience.

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Day 8

This day will be a full travel day.

Travel home will take place on Day 8. Any last minute excursions are at the discretion of travelers. Get ready to book the next couples trip!

FAQ on Greece Retreat

I paid my deposit or the trip in full. Now what? +

Awesome! You will be receiving a detailed email with the next steps very soon. Please be prepared to read, sign and return the Terms and Conditions document to us.

Do you have booking insurance? What are the cancellation policies? +

We do not offer booking insurance at this time. You may look into an outside company like Allianz Travel to cover your booking insurance needs. Our cancellation policy is detailed in the Terms and Conditions document. You have a 3-day period to cancel your trip to receive a full deposit refund. At the 120 days until travel mark and later, no refunds are provided.

What happens when I get there? +

You will be greeted by your travel retreat leader, Sabriya Dobbins, and you will be directed to your room to settle in! We will also discuss expectations in detail during our pre-travel webcam meetings that will take place a few months prior to travel.

Do I need any vaccinations for Greece? +

Required are your routine vaccinations (including measles). Rabies and Hepatitis A & B are optional vaccines to receive although the risks are lower. This information will also be provided in your post-booking documents.

How is safety addressed? +

Your hotel will have its own security protocol. We choose higher end accommodations for this reason. In addition, your retreat leaders will be certified in CPR and First Aid for all experiences. You will receive a safety orientation prior to travel as well. You will never be left alone in public spaces by the group unless you do an outside excursion by choice.

Will I have access to phone services and WiFi? +

You can choose to purchase your own WiFi and international phone services from your telephone provider. Some of these services are included in your existing plans. We cannot promise that all accomodations will have free, guaranteed WiFi options but they may have some paid options. Retreat leaders will have emergency WiFi and phone access. You will not be able to use Project Passport WiFi and phone services except for in emergency situations.

Where can I get travel health insurance? +

We have two preferred providers at this time. Our first partner provider is LMJ Heritage with Layla Blue. She will provide you with all of the support needed in purchasing travel insurance. Our second provider option is Allianz Travel. They provide several travel insurance options as well.

Will there be food options for my diet (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc)? +

Yes, the hotel and restaurant selections will have several diet and allergy-friendly options. In addition, we will ask you about your dietary concerns in our pre-travel survey to be prepared.

Where is our hotel? +

For safety reasons, your hotel(s) will be provided to you after booking. Hotels are higher end to the standards of the destination country and will have plenty of amenities. Please contact us for further details. Example hotel: Electra Metropolis Hotel

Will I receive directions on how to book my flight? +

Absolutely! You will receive a detailed email describing all aspects of what to expect on your retreat within 24 hours of booking including general flight information. Please note that flight arrival dates are based on travel from the East Coast of the U.S. and to account for the time change. You can call us anytime at 919-371-8127 for support in the process.

Do you provide flight insurance? +

We do not provide any flight cancellation or delay insurance. You are responsible for getting to the retreat location. You can purchase insurance with your flight company.

**Pricing includes accommodations, breakfast and dinner, and select excursions. Flights are booked separately. They are not included in the above pricing. Directions on booking your flight time will be provided. Double rooms are for 2 occupants. All rooms are non-smoking only. Itinerary is subject to change. Please note that arrival requirements are based on travel from the East Coast and to account for time changes. We will work with you on booking your flight after you reserve your spot.

**Prices are subject to change due to market rates, booking costs, and/or accommodation upgrades. This includes pricing listed on any brochure or item.