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The data is clear. Employees need support.


*Data from “Mind the Workplace” study by the FAAS Foundation and Mental Health America.

Company Costs are devastating.


*Data from Gallup Study and Harvard Business Review.


Mental Wellness for employees


Personal Growth

Our retreats each have a theme aimed to help participants discover their inner strengths, values, and abilities.

Employee Benefits: Stronger sense of purpose; ability to capitalize on strengths; ability to manage stress and anxiety; understanding of needs

Company Benefits: More dedicated, mentally balanced and focused team members; improved employee satisfaction; more creative employees



Traveling with other participants allow people to build connections and relationships with others. In addition, communication with other cultures is encourage.

Employee Benefits: Understanding of the cultures around them; lifelong connections; knowledge of social issues of the world

Company Benefits: Usable cross communication skills to apply in the workplace; more well grounded employees with deeper life connections; appreciation and support for diversity



Participants will hold meaningful conversations about the world around them, their past and present experiences, and what this means for the future.

Employee Benefits: More life direction; strong communication skills; emotional security; ability to address

Company Benefits: Improved critical thinking skills; more creative thinking capabilities; improved ability to communicate with peers

Additional Company Benefits: Attract talent due to company dedication to employee health and wellness; lower health care costs; higher employee output due to satisfaction and commitment.


 Our Retreats


Nairobi, Rift Valley, and Naivasha, Kenya

Understanding sense of self is critical for employees to maximize on their strengths, emotional intelligence, and skills.

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Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini, Greece

Personal relationships can lead to workplace stress. Allow your employees to experience strengthened relationships with their significant others.


Company-based Retreat

Companies will have the option to create their own custom retreats for employees through Project Passport. Guidelines do apply.


Business Types We Serve

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Small Businesses

Our group wellness retreats are perfect for small businesses to send their entire team on sabbaticals during off seasons or to send teams in 50-50 splits.

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Large Corporate Businesses

We proudly support corporations looking to change the narrative on how employees are supported. We are happy to hold specialized retreats for the company or invite employees on our existing ones.


Everything in Between

If you are a business committed to employee mental health and wellness then we are here to serve you. Provide you employees with an additional avenue of support through Project Passport.


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